CoLab Rewards is a way for us to thank and recognize each other.

More questions? Check out the Colab Rewards How to Guidelines here.

Our goal?

To make recognition habitual, meaningful, and specific, which in turn will make us all a little happier.

We know our people are doing world-class work. Using our core values as a framework, CoLab Rewards empowers POSSIBLE employees to recognize each other.

How It Works

How to Recognize Others

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You can reward any point value to your peers — the only limitation is the number of "to reward" points you have in your balance.

How to Earn Recognition Points

How to Redeem Points

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You can redeem the points you earn in the POSSIBLE Marketplace. You can continue to spread the spirit of recognition by redeeming your earned points for more "to reward" points.


POSSIBLE Marketplace

Your local talent lead and curation team will keep the POSSIBLE Marketplace current, refreshing it quarterly with global, regional, and location-specific items, such as gift cards, products and even charities to which you can donate your points.

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